Richard Harris

After renewing a passport which had been rather under-used for the last ten years, Rich decided in early 2014 it was time to do some travelling!  After happy memories of learning German (but not remembering a great deal), where else to start but Berlin!  It was from that moment on that his interest in all things German took hold again, with visits to Munich, Dresden and several to Berlin (including an intensive course).  He used any excuse to visit the current World Cup football champions’ fine country!  Rich had been following Germany (and England for a few games that year) and whilst watching the final, drank a nice beer brought back with him from the last trip!  Rich has made a point of visiting other countries and is lucky enough to have pen-friends both in Germany and Switzerland to practise with, so both sides can learn and practise their language skills. He is looking forward to getting to know Hannover as a result of becoming a member of the committee.